How to Buy Entrance Tickets to Pindul Cave and Conditions

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How to Buy Entrance Tickets to Pindul Cave and Conditions

Visitors must know how to buy entrance tickets to Pindul Cave (Tiket Masuk Goa Pindul). Don’t visit this tourist attraction without getting a ticket. Pindul Cave is one of the popular tourist attractions in Yogyakarta. Natural beauty is the main attraction of this tourist attraction.

How to Buy Entrance Tickets to Pindul Cave

Entrance tickets are mandatory for visitors to Pindul Cave. Pindul Cave is a very unique natural tourist attraction with extraordinary views. This natural tourist attraction is very unique because it is a cave. Pindul Cave is very exotic with its underground river flowing.

Cruising along the river is a special attraction for tourists. An unusual fun experience will really pamper visitors. The location of Pindul Cave is on Jalan Jogja-Wonosari, around 40 km. Gunung Kidul tourism has easy access, you can even use private vehicles.

How to Buy Entrance Tickets

Just like other tourist attractions, tourists visiting Pindul Cave must have an entrance ticket. There are several ways to purchase entrance tickets to Pindul Cave (Tiket Masuk Goa Pindul). First, users can buy directly on the spot or OTS. Pindul Cave OTS tickets are IDR 40 thousand for adults and IDR 20 thousand for children 1-5 years.

Apart from that, visitors can also make purchases online using the application or other platforms such as Blibli, Klook, and so on. Purchasing from this online platform is highly recommended for visitors who don’t want the hassle. So, the ticket is safe and you only need to exchange it at the Pindul Cave location.

Prices on online platforms are also not much different. In fact, visitors can choose various tour packages that are available at affordable prices and are definitely fun.
For example in the application. There are several Pindul Cave tour packages in this application, such as Pindul Cave Rafting Rp. 45 thousand (minimum 3 participants).

Ticket Purchase Conditions

If you make a purchase directly at the Pindul Cave tourist location, you will immediately get a physical ticket. Users only need to pay on the spot. However, things are different if you buy tickets to enter Pindul Cave via an online platform. Visitors must exchange tickets at the tourist location, but do not need to pay again.

Because visitors have made payments in the online application when purchasing. So, visitors only need to exchange tickets for physical tickets by providing proof of purchase from the platform.
Apart from that, it should be understood that tickets cannot be refunded or returned. This applies to online and offline purchases.

So, visitors must really pay attention to the date of visit. If there is an error in the date and it has already been paid, it cannot be returned or changed to another schedule. Buyers must also fill in complete personal data when ordering. Don’t fill in the number and name of the orderer incorrectly to avoid difficulties in the process of exchanging physical tickets.

Is Tax Included?

Purchasing Pindul Cave entrance tickets online or offline definitely includes tax. The amount paid includes taxes and application service fees.

So, users don’t need to be afraid if the ticket price listed still requires the addition of a fairly large nominal tax. There may be some additional fees for rides on other tours that must be paid, but usually this is the choice of the visitor.

If visitors do not use the ride, they do not have to pay for it. So, choose the Pindul Cave tour package you want so you don’t regret it.
Ticket prices for foreign tourists are also different from local tourists. Offline and online purchases offer two types of packages, namely for foreign and Indonesian visitors.

Opening hours

After purchasing a ticket to enter Pindul Cave, visitors can immediately exchange it on the D-day, according to the date the ticket is valid. Exchange your e-ticket or electronic ticket for a physical ticket at the counter provided. Exchanges can be made during operational hours or Pindul Cave tourist opening hours, namely from 06.30 to 17.00 WIB.

If you come and exchange tickets to Pindul Cave (Tiket Masuk Goa Pindul) after operating hours, it means the tour has closed and the ticket will be forfeited. Visitors will not be able to enter and must buy tickets the next day if they still want to visit the Pindul Cave tourist attraction.

Actually, purchasing tourist tickets is now very easy. If you don’t have time to order online, you can buy a Pindul Cave tour package via a special application online. The most important thing is not to be careless and be careful when buying tickets. Pay attention to the applicable terms because they can change at any time without notice.

That’s how to buy tickets to enter Pindul Cave. Tourists visiting Yogyakarta must visit this tourist spot and experience the thrill of rafting on the river inside the cave, something that cannot be found in many other tourist locations.