Pindul Cave Tickets and Complete Information Inside

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Pindul Cave Tickets and Complete Information Inside

Goa Pindul jogja, Pindul Cave tickets are relatively cheap with a variety of the best services. When exploring Gunung Kidul, don’t forget to stop at this famous tourist destination. Yogyakarta is known for its beautiful tourist attractions, and Pindul Cave is one of the most prominent. Apart from providing unique activities, this place also offers an experience that is unmatched by other tourist destinations.

Pindul Cave Tickets Information and History

Goa Pindul is an amazing cave with an exotic underground river in Gunungkidul. Experience a unique adventure by exploring the cave using a float tube and enjoy playing in the pool with “heavenly light”.

To reach Pindul Cave, like other tourist destinations, visitors will pass through the ticket counter before entering the tourist area. The entrance ticket price to the Pindul Cave area is relatively affordable, with an entrance ticket of IDR 10,000 per person. However, to enter the tourist attraction in the cave, an additional fee of IDR 40,000 per person is charged.

Apart from that, to enjoy river tubing at Oyo Goa Pindul, visitors will be charged IDR 60,000. Please note that the ticket price does not include other activities in the tourist area.
For Pindul Cave tickets, parking fees will be charged to visitors as follows: IDR 5,000 for cars, IDR 2,000 for motorbikes, IDR 10,000 for microbuses, and IDR 15,000 for buses.

Cave Tour

The water flow in Pindul Cave is stable during both the rainy and dry seasons, making it possible to carry out various activities throughout the year. One of them is cave tubing, which is suitable
for beginners and children. Cave tubing is the activity of exploring a cave using an inner tube as a vehicle.

Inside the cave, there are several zones that offer different experiences, from light to dark zones. Visitors can also find amazing formations of stalactites and stalagmites, forming a stunning sight like giant pillars.

When they reach the room in the cave, visitors will be greeted with the view of a hole above that emits sunlight. This hole is often referred to as an “inverted well” by local residents because of the beauty and unique atmosphere it creates inside the cave. Because of its extraordinary charm, Pindul Cave tickets prices tend to be high, but it is commensurate with the experience offered.

History of Pindul Cave

Pindul Cave is located in Bejiharjo Village, Karangmojo District, Gunungkidul Regency, Yogyakarta. Its stunning natural beauty, decorated with charming stalactites and stalagmites, is the main attraction of this tourist destination.

Formed naturally through geological processes that lasted for millions of years, this cave is witness to erosion and underground water flows which slowly formed amazing caves and underground rivers.

Before becoming a famous tourist destination, Pindul Cave was previously known as a bat’s nest, giving it a mysterious and haunted impression. However, his image slowly changed when a group of students from Gadjah Mada University (UGM) conducted a Real Work Lecture (KKN) in Bejiharjo Village.

Fascinated by the tourism potential of Pindul Cave, especially its natural beauty and underground river flow, the students decided to turn it into a tourist attraction. In collaboration with local communities, UGM students carry out various efforts to clean, organize and build tourism support infrastructure, such as road access, gazebos and toilet facilities.

Apart from that, local people are also trained to become tour guides and tourist attraction managers. Thanks to their hard work, Pindul Cave is increasingly popular and has become a favorite destination for tourists, both domestic and foreign. Until now, Pindul Cave tickets prices are adjusted to the services and facilities provided, making it an unforgettable tourist destination.

Access and Routes

Access to this tourist location is relatively easy, using both private and public transportation. However, using a private vehicle will be more comfortable because you can go directly to the location.
From the city of Yogyakarta, the journey to Goa Pindul can be taken by following the route through Wonosari and passing through the People’s Forest Park. After passing through the People’s Forest Park, visitors can follow the directions to the Gading T-junction, then head to the city boundary monument, and turn at the Siono roundabout to choose the direction towards Bejiharjo.

Meanwhile, for those who choose to use public transportation, the journey starts from the Yogyakarta terminal to the Wonosari terminal. Before reaching the Wonosari terminal, visitors can get off at the Grogol intersection, then continue their journey using a motorbike taxi towards Goa Pindul. The distance from the center of Yogyakarta City to Pindul Cave is around 41.8 km with a travel time of around 1 hour 21 minutes, depending on traffic conditions.


Apart from providing exciting and exciting activities, Pindul Cave also offers a variety of facilities to ensure the comfort of visitors. The following are some of the facilities available:• A large parking area, making it easy for visitors to park their vehicles safely and comfortably.

• Special parking area for package tour services, providing convenience for visitors who use package tour services.
• Accommodation is available for visitors who plan to stay near tourist locations, so they can enjoy more time exploring Pindul Cave.
• Various places to eat and sellers of clothes and other accessories are available, meeting the needs of visitors while in the tourist area.

Pindul Cave tickets prices may change according to the policy of the tourist attraction manager. However, the exciting experience and unique cave exploration activities are certainly the main thing that cannot be replaced, so ticket prices are not a problem for visitors who want to experience an unforgettable adventure.